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    Agriculture Tours

    We are proud of the agriculture business in Monterey and Salinas!
    Farming supports local families - nearly 1 in 4 households relies on income related to agriculture.
    The top crops produced in Monterey county are head lettuce, leaf lettuce, strawberries, broccoli, wine grapes, celery, cauliflower, spinach and nursery stock. There are approximately 369,187 acres of farmland in current production, including rangelands.
    The crops are grown in Monterey County supply large percentages of total national pounds produced each year: 61% of leaf lettuce, 57% of celery, 56% of head lettuce, 48% of broccoli, 38% of spinach, 30% of cauliflower, 28% of strawberries and 3.6% of wine grapes.
    Call us at 831-633-2877 to provide transportation for your next farm or winery tour.